Meet the Chickens: Nighter Love

Name: Nighter Love

Breed: Liege Fighter

Gender: Hen

Egg Color: Cream/Tinted

Role in Flock: Friendly, Curious, Calm, Iridescent Beauty

A 4-year-old girl named Henrietta Glasscock wanted us to name a chicken Nighter Love. First of all, Nighter Love is the most excellent Goth Rock chicken name ever. Secondly, the girl’s name is Henrietta Glasscock. If that doesn’t qualify you to name a chicken, I don’t know what does. We selected this jet black Liege Fighter, whose feathers glisten iridescently with deep purple and green, as the worthy bearer of this most excellent name*. She also turns out to be a stunning beauty, and super friendly and easy going. She is an awesome chicken!

FullSizeRender (1)

*When we named Nighter Love, we still weren’t sure if they were a rooster or a hen, but no matter. Nighter Love is an androgynous stormtrooper-boot-wearing badass. Forgive my language, Henrietta.


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