Meet the Chickens: Sven

Name: Sven

Breed: Cream Legbar

Gender: Rooster

Egg Color: N/A (hens of this breed lay blue eggs)

Role in Flock: Opportunistic Playboy, Pretty Voice


On the ride home to the farm, when Marcus was in a separate crate and he was alone with Bari and Winnie, Sven was the King – standing on their necks till they submitted to him.

FullSizeRender (11)

Alas, as it turns out, he’s on the low end of the flock’s pecking order, way below Sal and some other hens, eating last, getting chased around. He still manages to outmaneuver Marcus for a little frolicking with our sexiest hen.

And he’s a pretty gold-and-silver boy with a dulcet tenor crow (vs. Marcus’ hoarse throaty one) which he lets loose out of seemingly pure existential joy in the sunshine. We love to hear him sing.

P.S. In a rookie mistake, we thought Sven was a Swedish Flower Hen rooster when we first got him.  Hence, Sven.


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