Henceforth, Thy Name Shall Be Lucrezia (or, Shelly Names the Chickens)

For our dear friend Shelly’s birthday, we gave her the priceless gift of naming one of our chickens.  (Yes, I realize we will now have to be careful to ensure that people are becoming our friends out of true love, not just in a calculated effort to win such a rare and coveted honor.)

Shelly, in good form, came up with two names instead of one.  Be it so.  She said she could reveal the names only once the appropriate chickens had been identified.

We actually have a good swath of unnamed chickens at the moment, as we wait for a few groups of younger chickens to exhibit unique characteristics – and, in some cases, to determine whether they’re hens or roosters (not that it always matters, Nighter Love), or even what breed they are (hoping not to repeat that Olive Egger / Andalusian mix-up again!)  Shelly took a good look at them all, and chose well.

And what names!

An Olive Egger (yes, I’m 100% certain this time) has been christened Catherine de Medici. And a White-Crested Black Polish (just 5 days old) Lucrezia Borgia.

That very afternoon, Lucrezia was pecking at the sore spots in two other tiny birds.  I told Shelly.  She winced:  “I had hoped they would receive just the names, not the karma.”

Fortunately, Lucrezia’s pecking phase has already passed, and Catherine (or “Dems” as we call her for short) seems like a sweetie.  Two gorgeous gals, each with a natural crown and a powerful namesake.  Happy Birthday, Shelly!  Long live Catherine and Lucrezia!


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