We breed approximately once a year, usually in Spring/Summer. All pups are placed to our wait list. Please contact us if you would like to complete a puppy application to join the wait list.

We are an Entlebucher family! Our love of Entlebuchers began 20 years ago with our first Entle, Ike. His fantastic temperament and handsome looks won him hearts for his whole 15-year-long life. In service of this amazing breed, we have committed to breed and raise similarly phenomenal dogs, with an emphasis on dogs who have been raised to be amazing family members. We are not “show dog people”, so although we’ve imported our dogs from top show and agility lines in Europe, our priority is to love, socialize, and train puppies who will exhibit the best personality characteristics of the breed, so you and your family and friends can fall in love with them too.

[Researching Entlebuchers to see if they’re the right match for you? Read this!]

Our dogs (and we) live on a farm in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, as well as in Manhattan. This allows us to acclimate our dogs to be calm, confident, and happy in a wide range of circumstances, and to give all that Entlebucher energy and intelligence enough to do! We will work with families actively on how to get the best out of this active, enthusiastic, loving, loyal, wonderful breed.

Our breeding dogs have passed all breed health screenings and are CHIC-certified with the OFA. We are members of the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA), and their Breeder Code of Ethics (BCOE) group. Prior to adoption into your family, our puppies will have received all age-appropriate health checks and vaccinations, will be microchipped, and will have been thoroughly socialized and stimulated to make their transition into your life, and the rest of their lives, as ideal as possible. Our commitment to our dogs and to their new families is lifelong.

Puppy applications are available now; please contact us for details.

PLEASE NOTE: Bringing home an Entlebucher is a commitment in multiple ways. Cost of adopting a puppy is $3,000, plus a requirement to take the puppy for a set of specialist health exams between ages 2-3, which can cost $500-$1,000 total depending on your area. (We require these exams as part of our commitment to breeding dogs of the highest quality.) Puppies must be picked up in person at our home in Pennsylvania at 10 weeks of age. Entlebuchers require a commitment to consistent training throughout their lives but particularly in their first 1-2 years. Respectfully we request that you not apply for a puppy if any of these commitments are not feasible for you at this time.

Please also research the breed (and we’re glad to answer questions), since Entlebuchers are amazing, but they’re not the right match for everyone.  We recommend the following sources of information about the Entlebucher Mountain Dog breed:

Please see the Our Dogs page on our site for more detail on our specific dogs.  You also can see more of our dogs “in action” on our social media accounts: Dyberry Creek Farm on Facebook, @DyberryCreekFarm on Instagram, and on this Photo Gallery page.  Finally, we put together this page, the Straight Scoop on Entlebuchers, to help you decide if this breed is right for you.

Thank you for your interest in these wonderful dogs!