Favorite Chicken Free Range Spots

Favorite Chicken Free Range Spots

The woodshed. This is an excellent place to hang out during a rainstorm. We feel (sort of) bad about that time Bhairo chased us onto the woodpile and a log rolled down and broke his toe. Incidentally, we are terribly photogenic here. Classic farm scene.

The base of the Norway Spruce. A lovely spot for dustbathing.

The hedge. Fabulous for huddling away a lazy summer afternoon.

In the barn. We’re not allowed in here. It’s FABULOUS in here. We can poop under the tractor and lay eggs in the most obscure corners. Bonus, the dogs’ water bowl and the cat’s food. We come in here as often as we possibly can.

Orchard patrol. Sometimes, just to make the place look like it’s in a magazine, we strut our stuff across the glistening green grass, beneath the fruit trees, all in a row. Great foraging to be had, too.

The front porch of the main house. We’re not really allowed up here either, since we poop all over the rails, the stairs, the…everything. But we do make it look like a farm house, and we can’t help stopping by to see if anyone wants to come out and give us some treats.

Out in the sunshine, in general. We line up in our run as the sun comes up, and the solar sensor on top triggers the door to open and…let us OUT!!! We can’t WAIT!! Free-ranging is the life for us. The roosters among us don’t actually crow at the crack of dawn (as our neighbors, the yogis, have noted with some gratitude – if you’re doing your morning practice and we’re already crowing, you started late). We crow as soon as we are out, walking, the sun on our feathers, the farm beneath our feet, the whole free expanse of day before us.


Happy birds are we….

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