Meet the Chickens: Sal

Meet the Chickens

Name: Sal, aka “Little Sallie”

Breed: Olive Egger  Andalusian Blue

Gender: Hen / Transgender Rooster

Egg Color: Olive

Role in Flock: Fearless Leader, Rooster-Hen

Sal is our original favorite chicken. She was one of our first flock of chicks, the smallest in size but ginormous in persona (and she lays massive, gorgeous, nearly round, deep olive green eggs).

sal egg 2

She leads the flock everywhere [see Collective (Chicken) Consciousness]. If the flock is under a tree, she’s in the tree. If they’re in the tree, she’s highest. She has a unique crow-like cry, and she comes running down the path when she sees you, demanding crack.

We think she’s so bold because she’s the only chicken with a Godfather in New York. My colleague Sal Oliverio, the Financial Controller for several billion dollars of brands, is a tough guy who loves little adorable animals (chinchillas, miniature Vietnamese piglets, baby emus, etc.). When he found out we were getting day old chicks, he said (note gruff NY accent), “I want a baby chicken!” You don’t say no to Sal. (Either Sal.) He chose this one, and we named her after him. She totally knows it. And she lays eggs the color of money.

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