Meet the Chickens: Bari

Name: Bari

Breed: Barred Rock

Gender: Hen

Egg Color: Jumbo Light Brown with White Frosting

Role in Flock: Flocks Together, Low Rung

Bari, like Winnie, was introduced as an adult [see Hens Meet Roosters] and has taken a while to establish her flock persona. She hangs with the rest, is nice, lays well – and her eggs are GIANT, light brown ovals that look like they’ve been dipped in white frosting. She’s a bit lower on the totem pole versus the other established adult birds, so as we’ve been introducing new rounds of juveniles, she’s been pretty bossy with them. She’s getting healthier and prettier the longer she lives with us, with organic feed and free-range sunshine. She has the prettiest carriage of all the hens – neck and tail curved up like an elegant saddle. “Great movement” as they say in show-land.

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