Meet the Chickens: Marcus Aurelius

Name: Marcus Aurelius

Breed: Swedish Flower Hen

Gender: Rooster

Egg Color: N/A (hens of this breed lay white eggs)

Role in Flock: Dominant Rooster (for now)

We got Marcus and Sven [see Hens Meet Roosters] due to our hawk problem, after Goldie’s close encounter. He is named after the Stoic Philosopher-General, a favorite of Brian’s. Marcus is a handsome fella, and although he’s pretty mild-mannered, he does a good job keeping a watchful eye over the flock. When all the hens (and Sven) go in the coop at night, they get up on the roosting bars, and Marcus positions himself on the floor or bottom bar at the opening. You’ll have to get past him first….



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