Our Dogs


Our dogs are loving, adorable, goofy, fun, spirited, enthusiastic, and all-around-beloved members of our family…but they’re also kind of “Entlebucher fancy”, having come from top show and agility lines in Europe.  We imported them as part of our commitment to breeding and raising amazing Entlebuchers.  But we don’t let all of that get to their heads!  Our focus, and theirs, is on enjoying a healthy, happy Entlebucher life – which means unconditional love, consistent positive-reinforcement training, tons of physical exercise and mental stimulation, and learning and displaying “good dog manners” with all manner of people and animals, and in all situations.  The result is dogs who can come along anywhere and do anything, while winning hearts and being great ambassadors for the Entlebucher breed.  Our dogs have passed all recommended breed health screenings and are CHIC-certified by the OFA.  They are also beautiful on the outside, great examples of the breed standard form.  (Although we aren’t show dog people, we certainly appreciate beauty, and we are committed to the breed standard.) These are the kind of dogs we want in our lives, and the kind of puppies we commit to bringing into yours.

See below for more information on each of our dogs.  And, read this for our thoughts on Entlebuchers and how to tell if they’re the right breed for you.



Bhairo’s registered name is Aton z Rodevachu.  He was born on September 26, 2016 in the Czech Republic.  His sire, Amor von Semberweiden, is a handsome, strong champion agility dog (with a name like a romance novel hero, no?), whom Bhairo takes after in strength, dreamboat-like good looks, spirit, and tendency to want to wrap his human mom up in one of his signature “bear hugs”.  Bhairo’s breeder referred to him as her “golden puppy” in the litter due to his exceptionally affectionate nature.  He can generally be found approximately zero inches from one of his favorite humans.  His favorite game is fetch (which he will play on land, in water, and partially in the air).  He’s vigorous, like a bull, such a classic Entlebucher in how he uses his body weight when he plays, or how he leans heavily against your leg to say “I love you”.  He loves to have his tummy rubbed.  He is certain he is a tiny lap dog (although somehow our laps are not as big as they were when he was a puppy, he dives right in, like a giant happy baby).  He snores.  He snorts.  He sits quietly by the door when he would like to go out, and he gives a polite “Huff” on behalf of himself and Guinness when they are outside and would like to come back in.  He is our #1 watchdog, never wrong when he alerts us that someone is headed to our house.  He is gentle with the cat, who is often observed purring while Bhairo nuzzles his ear.  He is the calmest, most unflappable, most easygoing dog we’ve ever met.  Nothing bothers him, nothing scares him, nothing upsets him.  He’s a “glass 100% full” kind of guy.  He’s always ready to go when the next adventure presents itself (and since he’s likely sleeping right on your toe, he will be the first to know when any activity starts).  He is like 1,000 pounds of enthusiasm and love condensed into 55 pounds of muscular, furry, smiley, pet-me-play-with-me pure sweetness.

Bhairo’s stats:

  • 19″ tall, 55 pounds
  • AKC registration # DN49058402
  • PRA-B (carrier)
  • OFA Hips – Good; EB-356G29M-VPI
  • OFA Elbows – Normal; EB-EL127M29-VPI
  • OFA Patella – Normal; EB-PA73/29M/P-VPI
  • OFA Eyes – Normal; EB-EYE122/31M-VPI
  • OFA CHIC # 139618
  • Other littermates in the US:  Antea z Rodevachu (Jaylah)
  • Three generation pedigree




Guinness’ registered name is Quina uit ‘t Hollandse Entlinest.  She was born on January 28, 2017 in the Netherlands.  We were exceedingly lucky to get Quina as our foundation breeding “lady” from Wim and Joke Duermeyer, who are among the best Entlebucher breeders in the world.  Not only do their dogs win shows all over Europe, but they uphold an absolute gold standard in health, temperament, and beauty, over many years of service to this breed.  They’re our idols, and we’re super fortunate and grateful that they’re also our breeding mentors.

The many generations of careful breeding definitely show in Guinness, whom we’ve nicknamed “the supermodel” both because she’s so fricking beautiful and because she has a knack for situating herself picturesquely at the perfect angle in front of the perfect backdrop, just so you can happen to turn and observe her.  Quina is also a very good name for her, since she’s quite strategic in getting her way, and Bhairo generally lets her have whatever she wants.  She has a patented, look-him-sweetly-in-the-eye-while-cutely-wagging-her-tail maneuver that works amazingly well on her human daddy.  (And OMG while she’s pregnant, she is off the charts working it!!) We also call her “sugar pie” because she is as sweet as they come, and “inch-inch” for how she slowly but surely scoots Bhairo out of the way when she wants a human to focus BOTH hands on petting only her.  She runs like lightning, like a gazelle; it’s amazing to watch.  She has a strong natural herding instinct which she uses to help us round up our chickens, and which gained her accolades in sheep herding class (and which she sometimes uses to pester the cat, then wags and bats her eyelids at us because she knows she isn’t supposed to).  She loves to give kisses.  She’s first to the bedside to smooch her human mom good morning.  She can snuggle for hours.  She loves fresh raw vegetables and fruits.  (Bhairo kind of likes them, but mostly he eats them so she won’t get them.) Her favorite game is keep-away, or to have anything Bhairo wants so he’ll chase her.  She’s an absolute charmer, and a lovebug through and through.

Guinness’ stats:

  • 18″ tall, 52 pounds
  • AKC registration # DN50699502
  • PRA-A (clear)
  • OFA Hips – Good; EB-357G25F-VPI
  • OFA Elbows – Normal; EB-EL128F25-VPI
  • OFA Patella – Normal; EB-PA74/25F/P-VPI
  • OFA Eyes – Normal; EB-EYE123/27F-VPI
  • OFA CHIC # 139619
  • Other littermates in the US: Qarma uit ‘t Hollandse Entlinest (Blue Jay Ently’s)
  • Three generation pedigree




Although Ikey passed away nearly four years ago, he is with us always.  Ike was the reason we fell in love with Entlebuchers in the first place.  He lived to be 15 years old and was always “a gentleman and a scholar”.  Friends used to bring their kids who were afraid of dogs to spend time with Ike, so they’d get over their fears.  He loved to perform for a crowd and would chase his tail, roll over, shake one paw and then the next, on command.  All it took to train him was to associate a word with an action, once.  Since he was trained to hand signals, we used to have great fun showing people how he apparently understood commands in every language!  He was a hiker, a swimmer, a snow dog, a beach dog, a ball dog, a city dog, a country dog, an everything dog. He loved cheese and chasing rabbits.  He would barrel down the stairs like “an Entlebucher torpedo”, and he would run up a hillside as though he was on flat ground.  We could communicate just through eye contact.  He was a wise and gentle soul.  He was a best friend and a soulmate.  Never will there be enough words to say what a great dog he was.  Running at a full gallop, he would screech to a halt and return if you called his name.  We would call him back right now if we could. Ikey forever.