The Firewood Workout

I spent most of the holiday getting our farm house ready for a hard winter.

Our new farm has the option to be heated by fuel oil or by highly efficient eco-friendly wood boilers made by Central Boiler (link). Considering the house was built around 1880 and is 5700 square feet it is a scary proposition to heat this thing in the PA winter.  Plus the wood furnaces are EPA certified and burn so efficiently they produce less CO2 than if the wood rotted on the forest floor

We prefer wood, but the place we bought didn’t have any ready, and buying it already split and seasoned would eliminate any savings we would get using wood.

So here are some pictures of the process I went through to get enough wood. It was a lot of physical labor but I loved it and (for a change) got in really good shape over the holiday.

You are welcome to come work out some weekend.




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