What Makes a Chicken Sexy?

What makes a chicken sexy?  A hen, specifically.  I don’t actually know, but the roosters know, and whatever it is, Lyeta’s got it.
We think the roosters, at least Marcus, mate all the girls, given the harmonious coop environment that now reigns, and the little bald patches on the back of the hens’ heads (where the roosters grab with their beaks when they mount them) – but we generally don’t see it happen.  Occasionally we’ve seen Marcus mating Mary (another pretty girl).  But Lyeta….  They can’t get enough of that hen.  Sven surreptitiously follows her around, waiting his chance, and sometimes succeeds.  Chicken mating takes about 4 seconds, by the way.  Lyeta squawks, Sven is on her, Marcus rushes over – but it’s too late.  Then, an hour later, another squawk from Lyeta, and Marcus is at it.
What is it about this girl?  Why is she of all of them so irresistible?  You start to look at a hen with a rooster’s eye – that downy little tush like a feathered tutu sticking up in the air, the warm brown plumage with foxy touches of gold, the jaunty plump red comb.  (Do you think it’s real, or has she had work done?)  Focus your beady little bird eyes as she coquettishly pecks and scratches, and…whoa, she’s a hottie!  “Join me for a dirt bath, big boy?”
Is she just easy?  Other hens (Lucia, Sal) chase Sven off.  (Make a sport of chasing him away from food, anything, all the time, actually.  Poor hen-pecked Sven.)  Not our little hussy.  And hey – go for it, girl.  The Swedish Dreamer and the Flashy Philosopher General each have their own appeal – and sometimes a girl just can’t choose.
Hmm…What makes a rooster sexy?

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