Rare Breed Young Roosters / Cockerels FREE to a good home

We are raising very rare breed chickens and periodically have an extra rooster or two. They are too beautiful, and too unique, to do anything with them except find them a suitable home. They are very nice birds, great temperaments, good with people and other birds and animals, and perfectly healthy.

Currently available: 1-2 Isbar Roosters (~1 year old), and 2 Black Copper Marans cockerels. Isbars are a rare breed from Sweden, bred to produce moss green speckled eggs. The eggs are gorgeous – and if you breed these boys to your flock, they will contribute the green egg gene. (Results depend who you pair them with, for example with brown egg layers for an olive egg…)

The roosters look like they’re in tuxedos, with bright red combs. They were purchased from specialty breeder Greenfire Farms in Florida. Our Black Copper Marans are from Fat Hen Farms in CT, a breeder who has selected for exceptionally dark chocolate eggs from his Marans. That gene is carried by the rooster, so they would be fantastic to mix in with an existing Marans flock to make the eggs darker chocolate in color.

Please give email us bpaulphillips at gmail if you would like to add one to your flock! Pick up only (in Dyberry, PA).

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