Meet the Chickens: Seven

Name:  Seven, aka Lucky Seven

Breed:  TBD.  Possibly a Snowy Egger

Gender:  Surprise Rooster

Egg Color:  N/A

Role in Flock:  Porn Star, Overzealous Hormonal Teenager

Seven was originally a hen named Snow White, until the day of the gender-bending reveal.  Since then, he’s been aggressively making up ground in the stud category.  The youngest of our roosters, he’s probably supposed to be a bit submissive to the others, but he definitely is not interested in waiting his turn when it comes to the ladies.  Seems about every time you turn around, Seven is mating someone, or chasing some hen across the yard (with one or two other roosters also in hot pursuit, attempting the ‘coq block’, but he’s fast).  We call him the porn star because he’s managed a sexual cameo in a couple of videos that weren’t supposed to be about his mating prowess.

We named him Seven because he came from a group of seven white hens, one of which turned out to be this guy.  And because he is our seventh rooster (after Marcus Aurelius, Sven, and the four Liege).  ‘Lucky Seven’ because getting lucky seems to be all this boy cares about.

This was just supposed to be a lighthearted video of one of our friends in #farmdrag watching over the birds as they exited the coop.  Until Seven demonstrated that he doesn’t even need to be earthbound to do his thing.

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